In two months time, our third child will be born. We’re waiting in a nearly deserted wing on the third floor of the largest hospital on the Faroe Islands. The midwives’ union (at least, I think it’s a proper union) is pissed off at the hospital management for allowing the nurses to run the maternity ward post birth. The midwives are not allowed to strike so a more than half of them have been taken with sudden illness and stress and are not showing up for work. Anyway, this does not bode well and there have been some horror stories where would-be fathers have had to assist with technical issues because the substitutes couldn’t figure out how to use the equipment. Not exactly the most reassuring of situations, but Annvør, who is due to give birth on October 10th is taking it in strides. I’m always amazed at how tough and resilient she is.

It turns out they had mixed up the appointments and a woman who arrived some time ago is severely pissed because she has to wait 20 minutes past her appointment time. Her being pissed of course accomplishes a great deal and makes everyone feel great and makes everything run smoother. Yey!