IT STARTS with a painful blister – a very painful blister. It feels, people say, like being stabbed with a red-hot needle. When the blister bursts, the head of a worm pops out, thin, white and very much alive.

The rest of the worm, about a metre long, remains inside your body. It can take up to two months to pull it out, inch by agonising inch, during which time it may be impossible to walk. In extreme cases, you may host up to sixty of them, anywhere on your body. The worms can cause paralysis or lethal bacterial infections, and even if you survive mostly unscathed, next year it can happen all over again.

Good lord.

Other than that… well not much has been happening. Too busy for blogging, that’s for sure. That won’t change until I go part time or get another job with less travel time. And then I might actually decide to take this blog more seriously. But not at the moment, I’m afraid.

See you in a month or so…