Niclas Thorsteinsson - Musician/Writer

Month: January 2018

Reverends Tidbit the Unwholesome


The Reverends are acting up again. After some members in our band have had personal problems to deal with, we’re sort of back on track, meeting every Wednesday evening for songwriting and jamming. Good fun. The first confirmed concert will be on july 6th at Maggies in Nólsoy. Jolly good. Around 4-5 more dates are on their way. Yup, we got the band back together again.

Twilight Struggle

I had my Twilight Struggle baptism yesterday. Just a beautiful game. I’ve had it for years and have made countless appointments to play, but something else always came up. Anyway, love how the creators (for this is how they shall be known from here on after into eternity, blessed be) balanced the game. Historical events are well blended into the gameplay. Good stuff. Go play.


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