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Can’t say I’ve gamed much in the last couple of years, but when Bethesda released Starfield combined with the fact that I’m an irrational space nut, I knew what I had to do. Great game. Here are some gameplay stills.

The James Webb Space Telescope Has Successfully Launched!

A great Christmas present. Super excited to follow JWST on its journey. Hubble has done so much for our understanding of the universe and will now be joined by very powerful, but slightly different type of telescope. More on this later…

Oh, in other news, two mothers living together as a couple are now both allowed maternal leave here on the Faroe Islands. So, a great leap in terms of space exploration and baby steps towards better human rights here on the islands. What about two dads then, you ask. Well, they were not covered in the law. Hopefully, this will change soon.

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