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Dawn in Hoyvík

Morning… I like you.

Nothing to sea here (sorry). 

Just North Atlantic Ocean Things

I’ve been sailing for the last few days in connection with a work assignment. I have also been editing some guided meditation audio for an acquaintance. The work and location blend well. Yes, indeed.

Bonus product placement – Faroese water Kirvi.

Sometimes I Wish 

Well, the abovementioned title is a new Reverends song which we recorded two months ago and did some more work on tonight. We redid the intro with what can best be described as some kind of warm 70s inspired minimalism. Looking forward to releasing this one fairly soon. We’re in the process of figuring out which platform to use.

It did happen.

The Reverends at the Summer Festival in Klaksvík.

All photos by Hjalmar Jóhan Juul

KóriðNic 2 Kristin LeaJanusAnna 3 PauliNic Rúni 2 Vinjar

Reverends Rehearsal for a festival in Klaksvík

The Reverends Rehearsal July 2016The Reverends Rehearsal July 2016 2

Tidbits the Elder

I won’t be including this week in my efforts to reawaken myself as I’ve been McJobbing my days away and ‘Ólavssøka’, the Faroese national holiday, begins today. I might be donning a national costume tomorrow, time will tell. My girlfriend has an insanely beautiful costume. I have to try to keep up.

We played Reiner Knizia’s Lord of the Rings board game for the first time earlier this week at this location:

One of the smallest houses in the Faroe Islands, I’m sure. My childhood friend, Gudmund, rents it. He’s a filmmaker and finished a music video just a few days ago. Check it out here.

Faroese Rock History Book Thingy

I had a great time last Saturday when ‘Føroysk Rokksøga’ (a book of faroese rock history) was released. Me and Kristin from my first band Mold from 1992 played “Drive Me Over”. Great fun and people loved it. Here are some pictures of the other performers:


Everybody look to the left.


The Authors.


Stanley Samuelsen



So, I Made a Baby


Well, I helped anyway.




I guess the view from my living room can be slightly dramatic at times.

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