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OCS Burma

My friends and I played OCS Burma two days ago. Hardcore war game and not what I usually play, but a friend of mine insisted. It was enjoyable and I’ll have another go soon.

The observant viewer will notice the poor image quality. My phonecam lense is damaged, alas. Need to get a new one and

Mold – Back to London (with original intro).

The first song on our debut album (with intro). This is from 1995.


Walking Backwards

I’m in the process of putting a lot of my old stuff out there. Here’s Walking Backwards from 2009 (together with my old band The Reverends).

Steady as She Goes

Edit: I’m happy now.


Amiga Addict!

Nostalgia overload. The first Amiga print magazine in years. Fine articles and even percentage reviews. My retro heart sings!

My Vintage Youth

My Vintage Youth.

I have stacks and stacks of vintage sci-fi and horror film magazines, mostly from the 80s and some from the 70s. Great nostalgia, but I think it’s time to let them go. Will probably be selling these in the near future.

The Reverends – You Gotta Go (2009)

The first song on our debut album. Music and lyrics by your truly.

Self Portrait

What the Now

Hmm, a year has passed since my last post. A good indicator of my productivity of late, I suppose. I did start a Covid-19 post a few months back. I was among the first to go into quarantine since I worked alongside the first person to bring Corona to the islands. He had attended this fateful megachurch meeting and brought Covid-19 back to the Faroe Islands. A story for another time, perhaps. 

So, what’s been happening? I don’t know, a gazillion things have changed and nothing at all has changed. I’ve gone full Springsteen and begun working construction while taking care of my family as best as I can. This is fine for now, although my brain is screaming at me that this is not what I’m supposed to be doing. Ah, brain brain brain… we should do this more often. Not that I don’t agree. I just have a truckload of fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression to sift through before I can reclaim my rightful place in the universe or whatever. Just kidding, there’s no fixed point in the universe. Life is a journey and so forth. Meanwhile, I’m getting loads of fresh air, exercise and great colleagues, which isn’t bad.

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