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Month: September 2012

Happy 25th, TNG!

You Gotta Go (Lyrics)

The first song on When You’re Done by The Reverends.

You Gotta Go

Hey, you gotta go
You gotta go, you gotta go…
Yes, that’s right, it’s the only way, you have got to go

The bright lights of the city
Always held their charms for me
Hoin’ corn and plowing soil
Never gave me peace
So I set out on a journey
Just sixteen years of age
My pa gave me a slap on the head
The farmer, three months wage

Said, You gotta go…

Found me a city woman
Expensive in her ways
We liquored and we boozed it
Every night for thirty days
We saw every show on main street
And I behaved just like a fool
The money ran out, she got sore
And I told my little jewel

Babe, you gotta go…

Nothing left to do
But to be on my way
Poor as can be
I just jumped an old freight train
I met a young hobo
He said his name was Jack.
He said, you just gotta keep on going
Cause you never can go back

Said, you gotta go…

SCC 2012

Last month, our rootsy band The Reverends played at the SCC, the largest country festival in Scandinavia. Apparently, it was quite a light brownish affair.

The Revvies are currently scattered in two different countries but collaborating online. The intention is to release a track sometime in november and to arrange a tour in Germany next year.

The Reverends at SCC 2012
Photo by Peter Uwe Wien


First Wave

First Wave

Brandur ensures that work continues unhindered.

Enter the Kitchen

I’ve just returned from a choir trip to Russia and Finland and my good friends, Gudmund and Brandur, and I are now hard at work on ‘Enter the Kitchen’, our new food show with a fictional storyline. We’re currently focusing on funding and starting a film company. Brandur is a (toy) gun aficionado and said guns have proven useful when one of us veers off track in our work efforts.

Another Day at the Office

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