I’m eating an orange and it’s making my keyboard sticky. It’s 3 A.M and this is just a test.

But then again, I can’t sleep so why not write. In a few hours, Curiosity, is due to land on Mars. At least I hope it lands. I’ve seen the animation of all the automated maneuvers and the math behind them (not that I know much about that) and if NASA pulls this one off, I will be awestruck. It will be a true testament to how far we’ve come, at least techwise. Events like these give me hope. I want the human race (or our robot overlords) to make it, to prosper, to spread, even if we deserve it or not. Our good side deserves it tenfold, our destructive side, less so.

And now I will drag my weary butt back to bed. Up in three hours to see what’s out there.

And I’m back. One minute to entry… and they’ve begun guided entry… some early clapping… heathen stragglers… “everything looks fine, as expected”, thank science… parachute deploy, they say!… deceleration!… 86 metres per second… skycrane…started, holy shit… everything as expected… ” YES!