Day 8: I assumed I would feel a little different when I doubled the dosage, but there hasn’t really been much change. Although, I have felt a bit more energetic for the better part of the day. I am not sure if my focus is any better. I’ll need more time and figure that out, I guess.

Day 9: Pretty much the same. No bad side effects from the double dosage whatsoever. There might be a few signs that I’m able to focus better. I’ve had two telephone conversations today, and I seemed slightly clearer and more focused than usual. Of course, this is a Sunday and things are pretty chill today. Sometime in December I will be called in where we’ll discuss the effectiveness of the Elvanse.

Day 10: I’ve felt quite focused today and was motivated to have a productive workday. It went fine. No ill effects from the Elvanse. Still can’t determine whether or not the meds are doing anything.

Day 11-12 Ok, now I would say that I do feel a difference. Despite these last few days being very hectic, I’ve had great focus and energy. Work is easier, conversations flow more naturally and I’ve taken care of quite a lot of unusual things at home. Very good indeed.

Day 13: Poor sleep and a stressful workday, so I haven’t noticed any positive effects today.

Day 14: Stressful day. Trouble at the kindergarten, difficult day at work and on top of that I’m sick. Not the kind of day where you try to determine if your mind altering meds are working or not.