Translation: "Why did you kiss the wall?" - "The wall kissed me first."

Bathroom stall at ‘Perlan’


Monday Day 5

Today was my first real day off in ages. Rarely have I been as busy as in the last four days. I did have one appointment for work today, but it got cancelled. So what have I been doing? Well, feeling a bit lopsided due to all my activities during the weekend. Apart from that, I spent most of the morning evernoting a tonnes of old documents which I most likely won’t be needing, but have to hang on to just in case. Also did some electric work which I haven’t done much of before. Easy peasy. Fun times. Other than that, maintenance stuff.

As I presumed I’m not really going out of my way to do anything creative, so I’ll start setting some habits to do every morning (unless I have to work early morning shifts). Not quite sure but it’ll most likely be something akin to jamming some music, writing 100 words (starting small) and working on a current creative project (till done). Yup, I’ll figure it out by tomorrow.

Oh, and I haven’t played any video games, or browsed the internet needlessly (only for very specific todos) nor watched any TV or movies for 5 days. I don’t miss it at all, so hey.


Tuesday Day 6

Worked at my second job (office/computer work for the elderly) and played boardgames with friends in the evening. City of Horror. Good times.


Wednesday Day 7

Morning shift at my regular job, then a birthday in the afternoon and choir rehearsal in the evening.


Thursday Day 8

12 hour shift at work. Completely wasted.

 Friday Day 9

I had every intention of bursting my bubble and sleeping in this morning due to my fairly grueling last days, but I woke up at 5 a.m. and wasn’t able to go back to sleep, so everything is on track. 

I was groggy for most of the morning and then did a bunch of maintenance work before going to work in the afternoon. 

Other than that the Bubble is working out just fine and the no TV, no gaming and no mindless surfing rules are freeing up a lot of my time. However, time has been a very scarce commodity of late but in the next few days I’ll finally start doing something constructive rather than just not doing something deconstructive.

Here’s what I’ll commit to doing on a daily basis: 

  1. Write (fiction) 
  2. Jam
  3. Work on current creative project. 

Day 10 Saturday

Lots of family maintenance but also began writing, jamming and project work. Felt good. 
Day 11 Sunday 

A similar day to yesterday. Having fun writing and whatnot. Will provide more details when I find the time.