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Neverends at Fair Isles Distillery

Well, first gig in a long time. The festival Summartónar, which holds concerts all over the Faroe Islands during the summer suggested we play at the Fair Isles Distillery, an exciting new brewery with lots of driven people behind it. I can certainly recommend visiting the place, should you find yourself in the Faroe Islands.

Neverends? Just a silly version of  ‘Reverends’, which we pretty much broke up some time ago. We were only three guys from the old band, hence a different name was in order.

Gig fast approaching, I’ve spent the morning trying to tune my Howard Low D whistle and also my cheap Generation tin whistle, which is certainly not meant to be tuned (glued mouthpiece, anyone?). Both were obscenely out of tune and I must proudly proclaim that both operations were successful.



We’ve been recording!

Finally some time in the studio. Great fun. Three songs done. Will be released fairly soon. TBA.

Photo Shoot

We (The Reverends) are doing a photo shoot tomorrow. The theme is rural meets urban, which is very fitting for us.

I don’t think we’re the most photogenic bunch that ever walked the earth (sorry guys), but we’ll see how it turns out.

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