I’m on page 25 and Nora Seed is currently a depressed, realatable character who feels she squandered most of her opportunities in life. So far, so good. Very readable. Will update later.

page 85: A slightly pedantic exploration of three specific life choice regrets, foreshadowed in earlier pages. All of them end poorly, so Nora Seed is now three regrets lighter. I suspect the book will bring about some ambivalent situations, where a regret will actually makes sense… and that some sort of twist is on its way.

page 135: Still very readable, albeit somewhat simple arrangement of sections. You can sort of feel the author plotting… all right, here we’ll use this bit and Nora will come to this realization and in the next chapter she’ll finally understand that she doesn’t wish to die when she encounters a genuinely life threatening situation and then… Most writers plan their plots, of course), but as a reader I don’t want to be too aware of it. It’s sorta up there with having your characters go against their nature in order to satisfy your pet plot idea. Also, the story is a bit linear. I suppose I prefer a bit more murky and interweaving plots and like to be surprised. We’ll see what happens.

page 146: Ok, a interesting change. There are more of them and they can interact.

quite a bit further on: Ok, the idea with there being several “sliders” (yes, they were called that in the book, like the old sci-fi show about parallel universes), wasn’t really developed much further and that is good thing. It would have been a bit cheesy.

final thoughts: It was a fine book, simple at first, but slowly a few more themes came into play. It did certainly feel like a spiritual and philosophical self-help book at times, but I enjoyed it. Recommended.