I haven’t played any computer or phone games for about half a year now, but last week I succumbed to temptation and bought a mobile game (Editor’s choice, glowing reviews and all that jazz) and it turned out to be incredibly boring. I must be getting old and grumpy. Here’s my review on Google Play:

Crashlands – Review

It runs well and doesn’t beg for more money (apparently that’s necessary to point out these days) but it’s WAY too long and repetitive. Endless grinding (harvest, kill, fish) in order to build whatever is the next minute variation of a tool.  When you’ve played this game for 15 minutes you’re basically playing the same game over and over, except that things change color and have different numbers attached to them. And that’s it. howlongtobeat.com lists the game as taking 40-50 hours to complete and that’s a hell of long time for such simple mechanics.  Sure there is a story (Evil guy steals your stuff. Go through a bunch of quests and defeat said guy in the end) but I’d much rather read a book than go through all the endless grinding in order to find out what happens next. So yeah, if the game was pay-per-month, I’d get all the grinding from a business perspective (but I wouldn’t like it) however, it makes little sense to me in its current format.  All in all it’s endless repetition with little variation and just not very much fun.