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Rainy Morning, You’re OK in My Book

Foundation? Yes, please.

I saw the first episode of Foundation yesterday. Wonderful start and quite true to the book. Some of the main characters have had their sex changed and I haven’t checked, but I’m sure some of the internet glitterati are all pissy about that. I don’t mind. Unless the gender of a character has some direct relevance and impact to the main storyline, who cares? Anyway, Lou Llobell, Jared Harris, Lee Pace and others did a fine job with their characters. Looking forward to more.

NOTE: The second epidode didn’t quite hold up. Endless and pointless shots of a bikini clad main character swimming and a very dull love story indeed. Hopefully it’s just teething problems. 

NOTE #2: It’s picking up again. Episode 5 was great. More of Gaal and Hari, which is still the most interesting story in the series (even though it’s not quite by the book). 

Mold at Voxbotn pt 2

Photo by Robert Waagstein

Thanks! We had fun!

mold at Voxbotn

Our alt-rock 90s band ‘mold’ will be playing at Voxbotn, a festival in the heart of Tórshavn. Here’s an almost complete playlist. Mind you, our production budget was next to nil, so the sound quality is not too great.

THEA500 Mini coming in 2022!

I find it difficult to describe what the Commodore Amiga means to me and has meant to me in the past, so the announcement of THEA500 Mini makes me very happy, indeed. The retro community knew it was coming and owning the C64 Maxi by the same company, I’m fairly confident that they’ll do a fine job. Sure I own a real Amiga, use FS-UAE on my Mac and have an Amiga distro on my Raspberry Pi, but all this means that the Amiga is still alive and increasing in popularity. New magazines coming out (check out Amiga Addict) and also, try to google ‘Amiga NG’ to get a glimpse of all the new Amiga systems.

Sure, there is heaps of nostalgia involved here, but most current Amigans feel that Amiga had a soul. With unprecedented power and chips named Denise, Agnes and Paula, it truly was a wonderful machine. Long live Amiga!


We spent yesterday supporting a strike for the childcare and special needs workers here in the Faroe Islands. As in many countries, their field of of work is undervalued and underpaid.

Terraforming Mars

What an outstanding game. I’ve had this game since it was released, but never played it until now. Too much work, family stuff and covid-19. Anyway, we all loved it and are dying to play again. Soon, Amy, soon.

OCS Burma

My friends and I played OCS Burma two days ago. Hardcore war game and not what I usually play, but a friend of mine insisted. It was enjoyable and I’ll have another go soon.

The observant viewer will notice the poor image quality. My phonecam lense is damaged, alas. Need to get a new one and

Mold – Back to London (with original intro).

The first song on our debut album (with intro). This is from 1995.


Walking Backwards

I’m in the process of putting a lot of my old stuff out there. Here’s Walking Backwards from 2009 (together with my old band The Reverends).

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