Well, something quite wonderful happened. The wait for medication, which was to last 3-6 months, was cut down to 14 days. They called and said they had an opening due to something or other. I accepted gracefully. So I went and have now received at prescription for Elvanse, which in the States is known as Vyvanse (who comes up with this names?). The active compound is Lisdexamfetamine. The package insert in the Elvanse box is hilarious. It states several times that if I experience these or those symptoms, I must tell an adult straight away. Yep, will do.

Anyway, I will start off with 20mg, which will eventually land on 60mg in three weeks. I thought I’d keep a small diary of my journey. Perhaps it will be helpful to someone and I also need to journal how things are going, since I will be going in for a check in about four weeks.

Day 1. Took my first capsule at 9 this Saturday morning. I chose the weekend in case there were unforeseen events. Elvanse is a stimulant. The doctor said I were to take it at night, I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep. I haven’t felt much different throughout the day and it is now 5 pm and I do notice that I have quite a bit of energy, but that I have also been easily overwhelmed throughout the day. Of course, my piss poor sleep and being half sick might have something to do with that.

I played some Rogue Legacy and it seemed I did quite a bit better than the day before, but who knows? 20mg is a very low dosage, so it’s not really supposed to be doing much yet.