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Month: September 2016

Day 23 – Realizations and changes


As previously mentioned, it’s becoming blatantly obvious that I have way too much to do.

The Bubble itself, or rather the abstinence part of it, is going ok. I am not watching any TV or Netflix by myself and am not playing any video games. There has been a bit of mindless surfing, usually stemming from me searching for specific information which I need to complete a task and then forgetting all about the Bubble. But forgetting is allowed as long as I don’t continue when I realize what I am doing. No need to get any more anal retentive than I already am. 

So, with the absense of Netflix binging and gaming, I have oodles of free time, right?  Apparently not. The extra time I freed up was rapidly overtaken by all manners of stuff. First, both my jobs seemed to go apeshit this september with a mountain of things to do. Secondly, my choir, Tarira, had extra rehearsals due to an upcoming concert. My band The Reverends is becoming more active (we’ll be recording three new songs in the very near future) and Annvør and I have had a lot of meetings and mails to write on behalf of our teenager Ári (who has infantile autism). All this while taking care of Olivia, our eight month old. So things seem to be happening all at once this September. Due to stress, I, in an act of profound stupidity, began smoking again. I haven’t smoked for about a year, and will now have to spend a few weeks getting rid of that particular addiction. Allen Carr, ’nuff said. Come to think of it, I started smoking again last September as well. I guess I don’t handle stress very gracefully and become way too whiny.  One cup of stoicism, please. Anyway, I’m just putting out fires at the moment, but have taken a few steps in the right direction, which I’ll explain in detail soon. I intend to continue the Bubble, with a few changes, into October as well.

Bubble Boy Days 12 -22


Day 12 Monday

– – –

Day 13 Tuesday

Well, things are progressing fairly well today. Always a tonnes of stuff to do, will write more later.

Day 14 Wednesday 

Well, the ‘later’ from Tuesday turned out to be today.

Day 15 Thursday – Day 22 Thursday

It’s becoming evident that I have too much to do. Will write more tomorrow.


Bubble Boy Days 5 to 11

Translation: "Why did you kiss the wall?" - "The wall kissed me first."

Bathroom stall at ‘Perlan’


Monday Day 5

Today was my first real day off in ages. Rarely have I been as busy as in the last four days. I did have one appointment for work today, but it got cancelled. So what have I been doing? Well, feeling a bit lopsided due to all my activities during the weekend. Apart from that, I spent most of the morning evernoting a tonnes of old documents which I most likely won’t be needing, but have to hang on to just in case. Also did some electric work which I haven’t done much of before. Easy peasy. Fun times. Other than that, maintenance stuff.

As I presumed I’m not really going out of my way to do anything creative, so I’ll start setting some habits to do every morning (unless I have to work early morning shifts). Not quite sure but it’ll most likely be something akin to jamming some music, writing 100 words (starting small) and working on a current creative project (till done). Yup, I’ll figure it out by tomorrow.

Oh, and I haven’t played any video games, or browsed the internet needlessly (only for very specific todos) nor watched any TV or movies for 5 days. I don’t miss it at all, so hey.


Tuesday Day 6

Worked at my second job (office/computer work for the elderly) and played boardgames with friends in the evening. City of Horror. Good times.


Wednesday Day 7

Morning shift at my regular job, then a birthday in the afternoon and choir rehearsal in the evening.


Thursday Day 8

12 hour shift at work. Completely wasted.

 Friday Day 9

I had every intention of bursting my bubble and sleeping in this morning due to my fairly grueling last days, but I woke up at 5 a.m. and wasn’t able to go back to sleep, so everything is on track. 

I was groggy for most of the morning and then did a bunch of maintenance work before going to work in the afternoon. 

Other than that the Bubble is working out just fine and the no TV, no gaming and no mindless surfing rules are freeing up a lot of my time. However, time has been a very scarce commodity of late but in the next few days I’ll finally start doing something constructive rather than just not doing something deconstructive.

Here’s what I’ll commit to doing on a daily basis: 

  1. Write (fiction) 
  2. Jam
  3. Work on current creative project. 

Day 10 Saturday

Lots of family maintenance but also began writing, jamming and project work. Felt good. 
Day 11 Sunday 

A similar day to yesterday. Having fun writing and whatnot. Will provide more details when I find the time. 


    Bubble Boy Day 1 to 4 – Aaaand we’re off.

    Mr Rehearsal

    Day 1 Thursday

    Got up at 6:30 a.m. and did my morning routine. Arrived at work at 7 a.m. (my job is 5 minutes away) and worked till 3 p.m. Went home, took care of a few errands and ate an early dinner. Rehearsed with The Reverends from 5 to 7.30 p.m (we have a biker gig on Saturday). Came home, ate, looked after Olivia who was throwing fits left and right. I think she’s going through a difficult period. After the kids had gone to bed, Annvør and I chose photos for this large 21 picture photo frame we want in our living room.  With the luxury of choosing 21 photos we thought we had an easy task ahead of us. Ehm, no. But we got there in the end. Hopefully, our various relatives won’t feel too slighted by our choice of pictures or by being left out. Oh, what tangled webs and all that.

    As previously stated, I haven’t committed to any specific tasks yet and have only made a list of what I’m allowed to and not allowed to do, just to see if anything productive will develop naturally. I don’t have any high hopes of that happening, so by next week I’ll start demanding a bit more from myself. The weekend is full of birthday preparations, gigs and work. I’ll update this post as the days go by. Thirty individual daily posts would just be annoying.

    What else? Kris Kristoffersen is in town. I’ve seen him in concert before and haven’t really had time to go this time around. The man is 80 and making the rounds all over the islands. With a cold, even. We’re all mightily impressed down here. Gotta love the guy.


    Day 2 Friday

    Ári sprained his ankle a few days ago and could barely walk this morning so he’s definitely going seeing a doctor.

    …and for some reason it’s been next to impossible to get a doctor’s appointment lately  (I’m looking at you, Miðlon) so Ári won’t see a doctor till Monday.

    What else? I made brownies, bought stuff for my birthday, rehearsed for three hours with The Reverends and did a whole bunch of maintenance stuff. Long day.


    Day 3 Saturday 

    My birthday. Annvør and I spent the whole morning preparing and then we had our closest relatives over for brunch at 11 a.m. I always prefer a small party over a large gathering where I don’t have time to talk to everyone. So definitely cozy time. Afterwards I went down for a sound check and subsequent gig with The Reverends. Went great and we had fun. I might get a hold of a few photos later.


    Day 4 Sunday

    Slightly hung over when I woke up, since I had a few beers last night. It passed quickly and Annvør and I had breakfast and played with Olivia. Had a shift from 12 – 8 p.m.  Devilishly tired when I got home and am now heading for bed at 10 p.m. since I’m getting up at 6.30 tomorrow.

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