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Hmm, my site has been down for a few days as it experienced a “critical error” according to WordPress. One of my plugins has been acting up, so the site is in recovery mode and I’m using FTP to weed out the evildoer. But not tonight. Expect the site to be a bit wonky. Who am I talking to? I don’t know. Welcome to the realm of self-importance and sad assumptions.

Computer Repair Man

A friend of mine has an old 2012 MacBook Pro which he wants to give to his mother, if it can be made operational again. It was nearly dead on arrival, but I managed to get it running and and install High Sierra. I am now using OpenCore to install one of the newer macOS’, which is not officially allowed by Apple for a mac this old. I believe in the right to repair, so of course the newer OS’ should be able to work on older macs. Good stuff. Tech is fun.

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