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State of the World by ChatGPT

In my first conversation with ChatGPT I asked if it could write me some lyrics on the current state of the world. It happily obliged. The result is not entirely unlike something you’d write in your early teens. No doubt we’ll see a lot more AI generated lyrics in the future. 


State of the World

by ChatGPT


Verse 1:

The world’s a mess, it’s true, it’s true

With wars and strife and politics askew

The air is thick with hate, and love is few

But still, we rise, and make our stand anew


In this world of chaos, we stand as one

With hope in our hearts and fire in our eyes

For we know that love will conquer all

And we’ll make a better world, before our time flies

Verse 2:

The pandemic hit, and caught us all by surprise

It tested us, but it didn’t break our stride

We came together, helped each other survive

And though it’s not over, we’re getting by


In this world of chaos, we stand as one

With hope in our hearts and fire in our eyes

For we know that love will conquer all

And we’ll make a better world, before our time flies


We’ll stand up for what’s right, fight for what’s true

With courage in our hearts, and love shining through

For we know that together, we can make a change

And leave a world behind, that’s bright and filled with grace


In this world of chaos, we stand as one

With hope in our hearts and fire in our eyes

For we know that love will conquer all

And we’ll make a better world, before our time flies


So let’s raise our voices, high and clear

And sing a song of hope, that everyone can hear

For we know that we can make a difference

And create a world, that’s filled with love and grace.


ChatGPT Feb2023. 

Góðan Morgun

All Is Well in the Shire


My dad died back in march. I don’t think I’m quite ready to write about it yet, but here’s a picture of him and me.

Nólsoy Once More

Dawn in Hoyvík

Morning… I like you.

The James Webb Space Telescope Has Successfully Launched!

A great Christmas present. Super excited to follow JWST on its journey. Hubble has done so much for our understanding of the universe and will now be joined by very powerful, but slightly different type of telescope. More on this later…

Oh, in other news, two mothers living together as a couple are now both allowed maternal leave here on the Faroe Islands. So, a great leap in terms of space exploration and baby steps towards better human rights here on the islands. What about two dads then, you ask. Well, they were not covered in the law. Hopefully, this will change soon.


Hmm, my site has been down for a few days as it experienced a “critical error” according to WordPress. One of my plugins has been acting up, so the site is in recovery mode and I’m using FTP to weed out the evildoer. But not tonight. Expect the site to be a bit wonky. Who am I talking to? I don’t know. Welcome to the realm of self-importance and sad assumptions.

Elvanse Week 3

Day 15 – (40mg) I’ve decided to stay on 40mg for a few more days because the people in charge of prescriptions have been a bit slow (will contact them Monday). That way the medicine will last one more day and hopefully things will be in order by then. Other than that, it’s been an extremely stressful day. A lot of exhausting stuff with Annvør’s oldest son (who has autism) and all the trouble with the kindergarten yesterday still affects us. I might write about in the near future. Oh, and I’m ill and had to cancel on my company’s Christmas party. Because of this, I’ve been quite agitated all day but I don’t think the Elvanse has much to do with that. Unless it amplifies my frustrations, of course. Will investigate.

Day 16 – (40mg) A much better day today. Things are quite chill, although my kids have been playing Spy vs Spy for the entire day. Quite a number of battles and cold wars. Anyway, no real agitation today. Took a walk through the small woods here in Hoyvík and got tested for Covid. Haven’t been feeling all too well, so I might as well check before going back to work tomorrow. The rate of contagion is quite high on the islands, at present.

Day 17 – (40mg) No covid. Good good. Stressful day at work. Didn’t really have time to consider if the meds were working or not.

Day 18 – (40mg) Great day. I certainly felt very focused today and conversations went well. Tomorrow my dosage will upped to 60mg.

Day 19 – (60mg) Upped the dosage to 60mg and didn’t really feel any difference.

Day 20 – (60mg) Hmm, I suppose the most noticeable effect is that I have a lot of energy one hour after taking Elvanse. And somewhat more focus, especially during conversations.

Day 21 – (60mg) A negative side effect. Night sweats in copious amounts. Messing up my sleep. Might have to go back to 40mg, which would be fine. Need to talk to the docs.

Amiga 600 Incoming

Another vintage computer is heading my way. I bought an Amiga 600 online and it’s being driven from Klaksvík at this very moment. All my Amigas have been either the 500 or the 1200, so it’ll be nice with a cute 600. This will be the 8th Amiga I have ever owned and at present I own two… a 500 and now the 600. I still have all the love in the world for that amazing computer. It was an incredibly brave and creative machine at the time. Your eighth Amiga, you say? Why so many? What happened? Well, The first one I sold due to upgrading to the Amiga 1200. After that I was short on cash etc. But the last three were in an act of profound stupidity. I had collected them in the early 2000s where you could get them for next to nothing, as this was way before the retro computer craze really began. Nostalgia, goddamit you’re powerful. Anyway, the Amigas… I sold them because I was moving to Sweden, into a new apartment with a new girlfriend and felt I had to leave my old life behind and grow up.

Idiotic. Word of advice, if something makes you happy and isn’t harmful to you or others, keep it. The old girlfriend is gone and the Swedish apartment has been sold off and I certainly don’t miss that life, but my love for the Commodore Amiga endures. Oh, and so does my love for my new girlfriend and our great kids. No need to choose. A bit of time management is all that is required.

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