I fared a little better this week despite continuing illness. My intentions last week were:
* Create – Cubasis Song or Home Studio: Two pieces with at least two instruments in each (value 50%). RESULT: Done, although it was a bit too “jammy” so it will require more work, so I’ll give it 40%. Feels good to making music again although I have an army of neurotic worries built up. Oh well, the brick walls are supposed to be there. I need to find out if I want it enough.

* Consider writing. (Value 15%). RESULT: I did. I mulled it over and decided that I want build up a habit of writing on a daily basis. I’ve entertained such a habit before, but when depression showed its beautiful face again it went down the drain along with many other things. So I’ve written a minimum of a 100 words per day lately. This is just to get me to sit down and get started and I usually write a bit more than that. No particular story yet, but I am actually having fun.

* Habits: Good Effort, Read, Move, Sleep, No Junk. (value 35%). I got approximately 21%. Read, Move and Sleep all well. The other two not so.

FINAL SCORE: 76% – Quite acceptable compared to last week. I’m still trying to find a better way of doing this and in the future I’ll focus more on goals than habits.