I think I’m becoming a little addicted to poker again, which is fine as long is it doesn’t interfere with my intentions for the new year. I shall keep a watchful eye on myself, so I don’t sink into that bottomless pit of procrastinations and evasive actions. Been there a few times in my life.

Be that as it may, right now I’m playing in some random freeroll on pokerstars and having a great time. I’m by no means a great savvy poker player, but I’m learning a bit here and there and my game has improved since I last felt the urge. I used to play by the book(s), but now my game has become much more fluent. Feels like playing an instrument, although I do hit my share of false notes here and there.

Obvious imagery, anyone? Hmm, hopefully my writing will improve a bit with this blog. I think I used to be good, but the last three years of working mindless jobs with way too little time for reading and writing has made me very rusty indeed. I need to get back to being a bum. A happy-go-lucky spiritual bum. Yes, that’s it.