Day 15 – (40mg) I’ve decided to stay on 40mg for a few more days because the people in charge of prescriptions have been a bit slow (will contact them Monday). That way the medicine will last one more day and hopefully things will be in order by then. Other than that, it’s been an extremely stressful day. A lot of exhausting stuff with Annvør’s oldest son (who has autism) and all the trouble with the kindergarten yesterday still affects us. I might write about in the near future. Oh, and I’m ill and had to cancel on my company’s Christmas party. Because of this, I’ve been quite agitated all day but I don’t think the Elvanse has much to do with that. Unless it amplifies my frustrations, of course. Will investigate.

Day 16 – (40mg) A much better day today. Things are quite chill, although my kids have been playing Spy vs Spy for the entire day. Quite a number of battles and cold wars. Anyway, no real agitation today. Took a walk through the small woods here in Hoyvík and got tested for Covid. Haven’t been feeling all too well, so I might as well check before going back to work tomorrow. The rate of contagion is quite high on the islands, at present.

Day 17 – (40mg) No covid. Good good. Stressful day at work. Didn’t really have time to consider if the meds were working or not.

Day 18 – (40mg) Great day. I certainly felt very focused today and conversations went well. Tomorrow my dosage will upped to 60mg.

Day 19 – (60mg) Upped the dosage to 60mg and didn’t really feel any difference.

Day 20 – (60mg) Hmm, I suppose the most noticeable effect is that I have a lot of energy one hour after taking Elvanse. And somewhat more focus, especially during conversations.

Day 21 – (60mg) A negative side effect. Night sweats in copious amounts. Messing up my sleep. Might have to go back to 40mg, which would be fine. Need to talk to the docs.