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Revvie Gig

The Reverends are playing a gig at the Faroe House in Copenhagen on March the 2nd. If you are in the area, do come down.

Short News

I’ve decided to not be a part of the business side of things in Enter the Kitchen. Reading great tomes on television distribution rights and having endless meetings on television business strategy and whatnot is not something I have time to focus on right now and most likely not something I will have use for in the future. I have too many other things to deal with at the moment. I will still be taking part in the creative side of the project and we’re all still great friends. Hooray!

Happy 25th, TNG!

First Wave

First Wave

Brandur insures that work continues unhindered.

Enter the Kitchen

I’ve just returned from a choir trip to Russia and Finland and my good friends, Gudmund and Brandur, and I are now hard at work on ‘Enter the Kitchen’, our new food show with a fictional storyline. We’re currently focusing on funding and starting a film company. Brandur is a (toy) gun aficionado and said guns have proven useful when one of us veers off track in our work efforts.

Another Day at the Office

I’ve been the wild rover

I’m eating an orange and it’s making my keyboard sticky. It’s 3 A.M and this is just a test.

But then again, I can’t sleep so why not write. In a few hours, Curiosity, is due to land on Mars. At least I hope it lands. I’ve seen the animation of all the automated maneuvers and the math behind them (not that I know much about that) and if NASA pulls this one off, I will be awestruck. It will be a true testament to how far we’ve come, at least techwise. Events like these give me hope. I want the human race (or our robot overlords) to make it, to prosper, to spread, even if we deserve it or not. Our good side deserves it tenfold, our destructive side, less so.

And now I will drag my weary butt back to bed. Up in three hours to see what’s out there.

And I’m back. One minute to entry… and they’ve begun guided entry… some early clapping… heathen stragglers… “everything looks fine, as expected”, thank science… parachute deploy, they say!… deceleration!… 86 metres per second… skycrane…started, holy shit… everything as expected… ” YES!

Happy New Year!

Changes will be made, I tell you! Changes!

Praise cheesus

I caught a mouse (in the house) the other day. I saw where it was headed, and placed an empty water jug on its side in the mouse’s path and stood perfectly still. The mouse encountered the jug, sniffed at it and climbed into the hole and so I scooped up the jug. It was a baby mouse. One of the residents got to keep it as a pet. We don’t have the hanta virus here. I don’t think we do, anyway.

Can’t breathe… need… more… idols.

Status Report

Oh hello, I just happened by here. This blog was mostly an experiment, as stated from the beginning. Hence no “Sorry, I haven’t posted lately” excuses from me. Nonetheless, one of these days I will decide what to do with this thing. I’m considering turning it into a more specific type of blog, or deleting it altogether. We’ll see. Either way, whatever my decision will be hopefully I’ll stick by it. :)

On a musical note, I’ve been playing piano every day for twenty days now and it sure feels great, bubba. Also, in six days time I’m to hand in this huge orchestral arrangement (biggest on in four counties) only containing music by your truly. This is by far the biggest arrangement I’ve done so far and at the moment it’s a mix of serene melodies mated with some psychotic medieval flute and percussion madness. Perhaps I’ll post it here if I deem it worthy. All right… back to work.

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