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New video – The Reverends

Talented YouTuber Lucas Azar made us this very nice video of our song ‘Demolition’ from our first album. Check it out.

Reverends News

The Reverends are looking into new online distribution for our upcoming release. There is a fuckton of options to choose from and all we know is that we want it to non-exclusive and that rules out our old label, Tutl. Why non-exclusive? Well, in the current landscape of the internet and the maelstrom that is modern creative rights, it seems like a far better option to retain the rights to our own recordings.

Anyways, the first song of three is called Sometimes I Wish and we’ve finally OK’d the last mix from producer extraordinaire, Óli Poulsen. Hence it will be released fairly soon. More on this later.

I should get out more. It’s cozy.

At the Mountains of Madness


New Year 

My New Office 

Week 6 – Onwards (with update)

New York Sep 2013

Here are the three things I wish to accomplish for Week 6. Did I mention I’m only setting three goals per week now? Well, I am. The rule of three, see? Inspired by Agile Results by J.d. Meier.

  1. Work hard on goal #88 (a tune exclusively on ipad) and do my best to finish it.
  2. Finish up goal #92 (our finances in order) if possible. I’m getting a quote from an insurance company today and will shop around a bit more and hopefully finish up by friday.
  3. Habit makeover. Too many of my good habits have slipped in the wake of our national holidays and music festivals, so I want to think said habits through and start the useful and realistic ones up again.

– – – UPDATE – – – 

Well, the week did not go as planned as I had infinitely more McJobbing to do than anticipated. My entire weekend consisted of nothing but work. Thus, I did not do so well: 

  1. My first goal went to shit and I did next to no work on the ipad tune. 
  2. Success. I finished goal #92, so now we know what we’re aiming for. 
  3. Yep, thought everything through and picked my three important habits to start with and I won’t be adding any more till they are thoroughly up and running. The three habits? They’re my morning routine, project work and my evening routine. I’ll go into more detail later. 

Well, that’s it for now. I’m fairly tired of things not working out. In the weeks to come, I’ll be focusing on getting up early and getting some project work done. 


Been working as a production sound mixer for a friend. Played some gigs in Denmark. Yup.


Will be heading to New York with a choir in a few days. Mostly modern classical music.

The Reverends – An Early Concert

Found a clip from one of the very first Reverends concerts. This was somewhere far up in the north of Denmark. Kinda cute… we’ve changed somewhat since then. Highlight: Jens having trouble with his amp, lifting it up and letting it drop. Good times.

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