I saw the first episode of Foundation yesterday. Wonderful start and quite true to the book. Some of the main characters have had their sex changed and I haven’t checked, but I’m sure some of the internet glitterati are all pissy about that. I don’t mind. Unless the gender of a character has some direct relevance and impact to the main storyline, who cares? Anyway, Lou Llobell, Jared Harris, Lee Pace and others did a fine job with their characters. Looking forward to more.

NOTE: The second epidode didn’t quite hold up. Endless and pointless shots of a bikini clad main character swimming and a very dull love story indeed. Hopefully it’s just teething problems. 

NOTE #2: It’s picking up again. Episode 5 was great. More of Gaal and Hari, which is still the most interesting story in the series (even though it’s not quite by the book).