Walk of IceWell, this week went great. Or not. In fact this was my worst week yet. I became sick on monday and I currently (It’s Friday, TG) have a fever, sore throat, I’m sweating like a pig and have absolutely no energy. The remainder of the week I’ll spend on helping my girlfriend prepare her 30th birthday, something I do gladly but it won’t leave much time to work on my stuff. On a positive note, I’m still reading fiction every day and my sleep habit is going well. My productive goals, not at all. Oh well, there’s next week, but “next week” won’t be there forever.

My illness gave me time for reflection, though, so I’ll be making some changes to this whole goal tracking thing. Simplification is in order.

Two good things happening in the very near future: Scrivener is finally coming to iOS and a new Star Trek movie will see the light of day. I much prefer the more cerebral television series which truly expanded my horizons as a teenager, but a bit of hollywood action painted in Trek is occasionally enjoyable.

My intentions for Week 3 were these:

  • Wellbeing – Sleep – Go to bed early enough for a potential 7-8 hours of sleep every night. (Success – managed it 6 out of 7 evenings)
  • Create – Make a good effort on a daily basis, using what time I have (habit) (No).
  • Create – Cubasis Song: Two pieces with at least two instruments in each. (No)
  • Wellbeing – Run twice this week (Certainly Not).
  • Wellbeing – Become a reader again II – Read some fiction every day (Success. Still reading).

So, my poorest week yet due to illness. I’ll give it approximately 20%. All I can do is try to do better.

Update: It’s now Monday and I’m still sick which means I’ll be doing things the light way this week. 

Week 4:

  1. Create – Cubasis Song or Home Studio: Two pieces with at least two instruments in each (value 50%)
  2. Consider writing. Start now (schedule when? how often?). (Value 15%)
  3. Habits: Good Effort, Read, Move, Sleep, No Junk. (value 35%)

Mkay, let’s see if I can make it to 100% this week.