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Reverends Rehearsal for a festival in Klaksvík

The Reverends Rehearsal July 2016The Reverends Rehearsal July 2016 2


Here is a facebook link to The Reverends’ gig on Saturday.

Update: We had a great party. Thanks to Evi for coming to the show and singing a few songs. 

Revvie Gig

The Reverends are playing a gig at the Faroe House in Copenhagen on March the 2nd. If you are in the area, do come down.

The Thing That Should Not Be.

But is amazing nonetheless.


Newsy Tidbits.

ETK Films, our upstart company, has won the preliminary Faroese round  of Creative Business Cup by default. Hence we will be travelling to Copenhagen in November to compete with teams from around the world with our somewhat different cooking show. Which is nice.

Other than that, there’s a huge Alesis midi drum kit in my bedroom. We’ll be recording some new material for The Reverends this week. Equally nice. Just dandy, really. Will update more as things develop.


SCC 2012

Last month, our rootsy band The Reverends played at the SCC, the largest country festival in Scandinavia. Apparently, it was quite a light brownish affair.

The Revvies are currently scattered in two different countries but collaborating online. The intention is to release a track sometime in november and to arrange a tour in Germany next year.

The Reverends at SCC 2012
Photo by Peter Uwe Wien


A bit of homework

It would appear that renowned Faroese blogger and country music aficionado, Birgir Kruse, has turned one of our Reverends songs into an essay assignment for high school students. The song is all about drinking and debauchery and thus a fitting warning to high school students on how not to behave. We, The Reverends, are very proud of it and think it will suppress any anti-social tendencies.

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