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Week 7



Well, I skipped a week. Didn’t even write a to do list. I was ill for the first three days and then regular work and family life flooded me. Can’t win them all, but I’m concocting an interesting challenge for September. I’ll explain later. Here are my intentions for Week 7:

  1. Apply for re-enrollment into the University of Copenhagen. (Goal #96)
  2. Define BB project and take steps to My september challenge.
  3. Work on goal #88 or #89 (creativity).

That’s it for now.

It did happen.

The Reverends at the Summer Festival in Klaksvík.

All photos by Hjalmar Jóhan Juul

KóriðNic 2 Kristin LeaJanusAnna 3 PauliNic Rúni 2 Vinjar

Week 6 – Onwards (with update)

New York Sep 2013

Here are the three things I wish to accomplish for Week 6. Did I mention I’m only setting three goals per week now? Well, I am. The rule of three, see? Inspired by Agile Results by J.d. Meier.

  1. Work hard on goal #88 (a tune exclusively on ipad) and do my best to finish it.
  2. Finish up goal #92 (our finances in order) if possible. I’m getting a quote from an insurance company today and will shop around a bit more and hopefully finish up by friday.
  3. Habit makeover. Too many of my good habits have slipped in the wake of our national holidays and music festivals, so I want to think said habits through and start the useful and realistic ones up again.

– – – UPDATE – – – 

Well, the week did not go as planned as I had infinitely more McJobbing to do than anticipated. My entire weekend consisted of nothing but work. Thus, I did not do so well: 

  1. My first goal went to shit and I did next to no work on the ipad tune. 
  2. Success. I finished goal #92, so now we know what we’re aiming for. 
  3. Yep, thought everything through and picked my three important habits to start with and I won’t be adding any more till they are thoroughly up and running. The three habits? They’re my morning routine, project work and my evening routine. I’ll go into more detail later. 

Well, that’s it for now. I’m fairly tired of things not working out. In the weeks to come, I’ll be focusing on getting up early and getting some project work done. 

Week 5 – with update


This week will mostly be spent on rehearsals and a subsequent gig with The Reverends at the Summer Festival in Klaksvík. We have extra backup singers, a violinist, a pianist and more so that’ll be fun. Great people.

Hence, I won’t be overly focused on my regular goals, however playing a gig and rehearsing is most certainly part of the plan. 

ToDo for week 5:

  1. Have fun rehearsing and playing at the Summer Festival in Klaksvík.
  2. Work on goal #89 (create track in home studio) if possible.
  3. Work on goal #91 by moving our savings together and figuring out how much we need per month (been using YNAB for several years so this should be easy).


  1. Have fun rehearsing and playing at the Summer Festival in Klaksvík. (done!). 
  2. Work on goal #89 (create track in home studio) if possible. (didn’t find the time).
  3. Work on goal #91 by moving our savings together and figuring out how much we need per month (been using YNAB for several years so this should be easy) (done!). 


Well, I got 2 out of 3, which is quite ok considering the amount of rehearsals we had. We had a great time playing playing at the Summer Festival. I’ll see if I can post a few pics if I get permission from the photographers. This sunday I spent maybe 2 hours on figuring out our finances and everything taken into account it looks like we’ll be purchasing a home here in Tórshavn—or perhaps in Velbastað or Hvítanes— in about 18 months or so, so that’s quite exciting.

Well, onwards onwards onwards. Week 6 coming up.


My friend, Einar Petersen, has written a scary, true to life tale and has started a kickstarter in order to get funding for a comic book version. In his own words:

When “democratic” governments operate with secret courts, intensive surveillance of their own citizens and for that sake everyone else in the world, and doing it all in the holy name of “security”.

When things are like that, then I believe there is reason to be very sceptic and deeply aware of the possibilities of the technologies that are being conceived and implemented can bring humanity, be they good or bad.

Check it out:

Reverends Rehearsal for a festival in Klaksvík

The Reverends Rehearsal July 2016The Reverends Rehearsal July 2016 2

Tidbits the Elder

I won’t be including this week in my efforts to reawaken myself as I’ve been McJobbing my days away and ‘Ólavssøka’, the Faroese national holiday, begins today. I might be donning a national costume tomorrow, time will tell. My girlfriend has an insanely beautiful costume. I have to try to keep up.

We played Reiner Knizia’s Lord of the Rings board game for the first time earlier this week at this location:

One of the smallest houses in the Faroe Islands, I’m sure. My childhood friend, Gudmund, rents it. He’s a filmmaker and finished a music video just a few days ago. Check it out here.

Week 4 Review

I fared a little better this week despite continuing illness. My intentions last week were:
* Create – Cubasis Song or Home Studio: Two pieces with at least two instruments in each (value 50%). RESULT: Done, although it was a bit too “jammy” so it will require more work, so I’ll give it 40%. Feels good to making music again although I have an army of neurotic worries built up. Oh well, the brick walls are supposed to be there. I need to find out if I want it enough.

* Consider writing. (Value 15%). RESULT: I did. I mulled it over and decided that I want build up a habit of writing on a daily basis. I’ve entertained such a habit before, but when depression showed its beautiful face again it went down the drain along with many other things. So I’ve written a minimum of a 100 words per day lately. This is just to get me to sit down and get started and I usually write a bit more than that. No particular story yet, but I am actually having fun.

* Habits: Good Effort, Read, Move, Sleep, No Junk. (value 35%). I got approximately 21%. Read, Move and Sleep all well. The other two not so.

FINAL SCORE: 76% – Quite acceptable compared to last week. I’m still trying to find a better way of doing this and in the future I’ll focus more on goals than habits.

Week 3 Review – Medic, please.

Walk of IceWell, this week went great. Or not. In fact this was my worst week yet. I became sick on monday and I currently (It’s Friday, TG) have a fever, sore throat, I’m sweating like a pig and have absolutely no energy. The remainder of the week I’ll spend on helping my girlfriend prepare her 30th birthday, something I do gladly but it won’t leave much time to work on my stuff. On a positive note, I’m still reading fiction every day and my sleep habit is going well. My productive goals, not at all. Oh well, there’s next week, but “next week” won’t be there forever.

My illness gave me time for reflection, though, so I’ll be making some changes to this whole goal tracking thing. Simplification is in order.

Two good things happening in the very near future: Scrivener is finally coming to iOS and a new Star Trek movie will see the light of day. I much prefer the more cerebral television series which truly expanded my horizons as a teenager, but a bit of hollywood action painted in Trek is occasionally enjoyable.

My intentions for Week 3 were these:

  • Wellbeing – Sleep – Go to bed early enough for a potential 7-8 hours of sleep every night. (Success – managed it 6 out of 7 evenings)
  • Create – Make a good effort on a daily basis, using what time I have (habit) (No).
  • Create – Cubasis Song: Two pieces with at least two instruments in each. (No)
  • Wellbeing – Run twice this week (Certainly Not).
  • Wellbeing – Become a reader again II – Read some fiction every day (Success. Still reading).

So, my poorest week yet due to illness. I’ll give it approximately 20%. All I can do is try to do better.

Update: It’s now Monday and I’m still sick which means I’ll be doing things the light way this week. 

Week 4:

  1. Create – Cubasis Song or Home Studio: Two pieces with at least two instruments in each (value 50%)
  2. Consider writing. Start now (schedule when? how often?). (Value 15%)
  3. Habits: Good Effort, Read, Move, Sleep, No Junk. (value 35%)

Mkay, let’s see if I can make it to 100% this week.




Faroese Rock History Book Thingy

I had a great time last Saturday when ‘Føroysk Rokksøga’ (a book of faroese rock history) was released. Me and Kristin from my first band Mold from 1992 played “Drive Me Over”. Great fun and people loved it. Here are some pictures of the other performers:


Everybody look to the left.


The Authors.


Stanley Samuelsen



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