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Just North Atlantic Ocean Things

I’ve been sailing for the last few days in connection with a work assignment. I have also been editing some guided meditation audio for an acquaintance. The work and location blend well. Yes, indeed. 


Touch the screen! 

The Reverends were featured on Faroese television recently. The producer’s angle was to highlight creative differences in the band. Watch it here

Sometimes I Wish 

Well, the abovementioned title is a new Reverends song which we recorded two months ago and did some more work on tonight. We redid the intro with what can best be described as some kind of warm 70s inspired minimalism. Looking forward to releasing this one fairly soon. We’re in the process of figuring out which platform to use. 

I should get out more. It’s cozy.

At the Mountains of Madness

We’ve been recording!

Finally some time in the studio. Great fun. Three songs done. Will be released fairly soon. TBA.


New Year 

My New Office 

It’s Alive.


The crazy times are over for now. I’m still reeling a bit from an insane September-October schedule, but things have finally calmed down to manageable degrees. 

So what did I learn from my Bubble experiment? Well, not that much really since I just had to take care of what happened to be in front of me. I did manage to get rid of my bout of light gaming addiction and have put my console up for sale. I have a limited number a spare hours in my day and I’m sure as hell not going to spend them on a media with such bland and derived plots. I have yet to find a video game that comes even remotely close to reading a good novel. So console and phone games are out. I’ll stick to board games with my friends, thank you very much. 

I’ve decided to remove the ‘goals’ section from this site. There are plenty of good and interesting bucket list blogs out there, but it didn’t really do anything for me. I’ve been working daily on a music project for the last week so things are picking up. We’ll be recording some new Reverends songs rather soon. The finances are in order and we’re having a good time rehearsing. More on that later. 

What else? Olivia is nine months already, crawling all over the place, pulling out books and she has a special affinity for any kind of electrical wiring. This is good. 

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